Third Step: Save Your Html code.Click to file Menu Main button and Select "save as" in
Noteapd Menu.
Save your html file .htm or .html extension file htm.and .html is same file exrension. both
same file
Four Step: Run Html file In Your Web Browser
Start run your web browser and open saved html file. see the following step  result
List of fruit can add to your website
Html list Start <ul> And End
</ul>.create a new html list
used to this code.for example -
list..copy and paste code in the
your web page..Click here
You can create a new calendar
using jQuery Datepicker of code.
Popup calendar date attached
shows an inline calendar for
selecting the category. Click here
jQuery Date Picker script
The Most Common Character
used to website design. for
example - less than,grater
than,quotation mark...Click here
Most Common Character
Other HTML
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