<video width="380" height="290" autoplay>
  <source src="Insert Source Address" type="video/mp4">

Online Video Player

I have given to Online video player small Source code. you just Copy and
Paste Following Code in to your web page and  Insert source address in
source tag. This video automatically play on your websites.
Note: This code only support to new version web browser
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on Google+
Tutorial Point
For Example :
Sample Sitemap for your website
Sitemap are way to communicate
directly with the search
engine.the Sitemap google, bing
Sitemap Yahoo, ask, Sitemap
yandex, free Click here
The color values in CSS style
the color in the CSS property is
used.Hex values in CSS, including
the name of the RGB color value.
CSS color and size. Click here
Many website are available on
google to create online website
banner.banner is used to publish
your header name...Click here
Banner Image | <Img src="set banner img url ">
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