Html background-color

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <body
bgcolor="rgb(255, 255, 255)"> <body
The Web Page Editing to use Differant color code, Html Bgcolor Start
<Body> And End </Body>.
Tutorial Point
Help Tools
on Google+
For Example :
HTML Colors and Values for website..
Html Bgcolor Start <Body> And
End </Body>. the web page are
set  Bgcolor used to Color Hex
With Name. click here
Redio button is used in online
web form. redio button is a used
to select multiple  optional in
web form. like,colors. click here
Redio Button -input type
html list code start tag <OL>
and  end </OL> tag.if you like
add multiple list use <LI>
tag.easy to create html text list
in web page. click here
Add Text List
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