Learn, The Many website design are used some coded language.for
example :HTML,CSS JavaScript DOM jQuery XML AJAX NET PHP SQL .How to
design your own website page.create your html web page using html
.Html sample for beginners and  learn to make html website Easily. this is
html website design tutorial for beginners.Many example are available in
basically, presented web page is  used html.if you like design to your
website.You must have knowledge of html code.

First step to learn, What is HTML ?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.HTML code are in the hidden
mode.Html HTM or HTML file must have an extension.Html is a language
used to create Web pages,This language is used for all website design.

How to design website using HTML and CSS.

Basically, all web pages are written in HTML and CSS languages.The first
step is to learn HTML and CSS language. Before creating the website is
need to know HTML and CSS,You can use the text editor to write HTML
code,It is better to write the HTML code editor or notepad Wordpad.
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HTML Learn
Help Tools
The SEO is most important to
website.Including some of the
content, such as Title, description,
keywords, robots.txt, XML Sitemap..
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Html Heading tags | h1 size
How to add Heading tag in your
website.head section are used to 
H1 to H6 The title displayed at
the top of the web page,search in
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Add Text List | start code tag
Html list code start tag <OL>
and  end </OL> tag.if you like
add multiple list use <LI>
tag.easy to create html text list
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Donate Button in website

In every religion there is considerable importance of charity. Where there is freedom from attachment, by giving donations, the faults of life are also removed.
You can donate a variety of types.Can donate car donate, donate food, donate computer for school, donate clothes and many like it.If you add a donate button to your website or Blogger, the charitable trust or you can create links to the organization's Website.